Wagers and Wallflowers




1. (2021) Love me, if you Dare 

Sebastian George Crawford
Duke of Hartford

Lady Theodosia
Viscontess Winfern

2. (2021) Marry me, if you Dare

Thaddeus Liam McPherson,
Earl of Sherburn

Lady Perdita Crawford

3. (2021) Seduce me, if you Dare

Oscar Campbell,
Earl of Wycliffe

Prudence Anna Campbell,
Countess of Wycliffe

4. (2021) Ruin me, if you Dare

Ethan Hawkins

Lady Charity Rutherford

5. (2021) Kiss me, if you Dare

Percy Devereaux,
Marquess of Wolverton

Frederica Williams

6. (2021) Tempt me, if you Dare

Phineas Lambton,
Earl of Wyndham

Felicity Harrington

7. (2022) Wrong Earl, right Dare



8. (2022) Daring with the Rogue



9. (2022) The Difference a Dare makes



10. (2022) No Good Dare goes Unpunished