1. (2017) Third Son's a Charm

Mr. Ewan Mostyn
The Protector

Lady Lorraine Caldwell

2. (2018) No Earls allowed

Major Neil Wraxall

Lady Juliana

3. (2018) An Affair with a Spare

Mr. Rafe Beaumont

Collette Fortier

4. (2018) Unmask me if you can

Lord Jasper

Olivia Carlisle

5. (2019) The Claiming of the Shrew

Lieutenant Colonel
Benedict Draven

Catarina Neves

6. (2019) A Duke a Dozen

Phineas Duncombe,
Duke of Mayne

Countess of Longstowe

7. (2020) How the Lady was won

Colin FitzRoy
The Pretender

Lady Daphne

8. (2020) The Highlander's excellent Adventure

Duncan Murray

Emmeline Wellesley

9. (2021) Sweet Rogue of Mine

Nash Pope

Prudence Howard

10. (2021) Her Royal Payne

Rowden Payne,
The Royal Payne

Modesty Brown

11. (2021) From Rags to Kisses

Aidan Sterling

Jenny Tate

12. (2022) I Want you to want me

Nicholas St. Clare

Amelia Blackstock


Lord and Lady Spy




1. (2011) Lord and Lady Spy

Lord Adrian Smythe

Lady Sophia Smythe

2. (2013) True Spies



(2013) Spy wore Blue

Baron Winslow Keating

Lady Elinor

3. (2014) Love and Let Spy

Dominic Griffyn

Jane Bonde