League of unweddable Gentlemen




1. (2019) Tempt me, Your Grace
aka From France, with Love

Lord Tate Wells,
Duke of Whitstone

Miss Ava Knight

2. (2020) Hellion at Heart

Lord Arthur Howard,
Viscount of Duncannon

Miss Hallie Evans

3. (2020) Dare to be Scandalous

Mr. Abraham Blackwood

Miss Willow Perry

4. (2020) To be wicked with You

Lord Finlay Stone,
Duke of Carlisle

Miss Evie Milton

5. (2020) Kiss me Duke

Lord Hugh Farley

Miss Molly Clare


Kissing the Wallflower




1. (2019) A Midsummer Kiss

Lord Luke Ashby,
Marquess Graham

Miss Louise Grant

2. (2019) A Kiss at Mistletoe

Lord Dale Ramsey,
Duke of Carlton

Lady Mary Dalton

3. (2019) A Kiss in Spring

Laird Brice Mackintosh

Miss Sophie Grant

4. (2019) To Fall for a Kiss

Mr. Stephen Grant

Lady Clara Quinton